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Ouate de F

Ouate de F is a series of capsules produced by Lilith F.

Its objective To answer your questions related to sexuality!!

Every week, we bring you a new theme, which we will explore from an inclusive, educational and fun perspective. After all, learning has to be fun - and sex is so interesting! Good viewing!

Episode 6 - What is pleasure?

In this episode of Ouate de F, we ask ourselves, what is pleasure? We explore the definition of pleasure or, should we say, pleasures - which, in the end, is unique to each person, depending on his experiences and perceptions. Then, we suggest some avenues to explore what pleases you, passing through the whole range of senses ... Come and listen, you will undoubtedly find your pleasure!ir! Good viewing and good discovery!



Wadding of F -Bloopers

A little moment of madness that we wanted to share with you by starting this great adventure that is Lilith F and Ouate de F. Come laugh with us ... and see how difficult it can be sometimes to say words!


Wadding of F -Episode 1 - What is Lilith F?

Our very first episode! You will find an explanation of the concept of the store and our capsules. In a few words Inclusion, education, feminism, co-construction and POSITIVE SEX! But come and watch it yourself - it's worth it!!


Ouate de F - Episode 2 - What is the history of vibrators?

In this video, we explore the history of vibrators. How long have these wonderful little machines to give us pleasure, relaxation and orgasms exist Have they been developed specifically for sexual pleasure, or is it just a happy accidental discovery Did the vibrators have a medical function Come view the capsule to learn everything on the history of vibrators and wow your friends with your knowledge at the next dinner!er!


Wadding F - Episode 3 -What is Point P?

In this episode of Ouate de F, we explore this wonderful part of the body that is Point P, otherwise known as the prostate. We start with a little anatomy lesson explaining the development of the genitals and the concept of homology !. Then, you will find sound advice to promote exploration of your prostate and help you achieve the famous SUPER-O! Everything to inform you AND help you in your sexual development!el!


Wadding F - Episode 4 -What is Point G?

In this episode of Ouate de F, we explore Point G. Is it a medical myth or a reality Yes, the medical community is still struggling to find a consensus ... but the people who have found their Point G assure you that 'he is there! What is its anatomical structure You will learn cool terms like "clitoro-urethro-vaginal organ"! What is the difference between vulvar orgasm and "squirting" And finally, the most important part, we offer you some tips on how to go about exploring it. Good viewing and good discovery!uverte!


Wadding of F -Episode 5 - Why the lubricant?

In this episode of Ouate de F, we explore lubricant in all its variations. We start with an explanation of why and how our genitals produce lubrication and, above all, why we should always have a good lubricant on hand, notwithstanding! But which one to choose We unravel the difference between water-based, silicone-based, hybrid or oil-based lubricants, including an explanation of the concepts of osmolarity! and pH. Which lubricant is good for your vaginal flora, your anus, your toys, your condoms or your sheets Come and listen to make an informed choice!airé!


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